Features: Interviews

Over the years, RPGFan has had the pleasure of interviewing dozens of people in the industry, from game producers, localizers, composers and more.


Masayoshi Soken E3 2018 Interview

07/05/18 We talk to Masayoshi Soken — Final Fantasy XIV Sound Director, Composer, and Good Guy — about his work, his hobbies, what makes him tick, what's coming in the future, and even a Blizzard game.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius E3 2018 Interview

06/12/18 A show floor chat with some of the folks behind Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

Adopt-A-Hunter Interview: Enriching Monster Hunter: World's Community

02/07/18 A chat with Adopt-A-Hunter's co-creator Woulfe Condra about how the community operates and their goals to bring more people, comfortably, into the Monster Hunter: World fold.


Ray Chase Interview

01/19/17 An interview with the voice behind Final Fantasy XV's Noctis, winner of the 2016 Best Protagonist award.


Xanthe Huynh Interview

11/18/16 We chat with someone often tapped to play "cute" characters about branching out for Persona 5.

PAX West 2016 - A Chat With Suda51

09/23/16 Who wouldn't want to talk to this guy?

PAX West 2016 - James Petruzzi Interview

09/17/16 We talk about Chasm and try to avoid saying "Metroidvania" too many times.

Lucien Dodge Interview

03/06/16 Lucien Dodge gives us amazingly complete answers to our questions about his life and career in voice acting.

Kira Buckland Interview

03/02/16 We continue our voice actor interview series with actress Kira Buckland. We discuss her roles in games such as Tales of Zestiria, Mugen Souls, Atelier Ayesha, and more.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Interview

02/10/16 Tobias Stolz-Zwilling, PR Manager, and Martin Ziegler, Technical Designer talk to us about the development of this historically accurate medieval RPG.

Zac Zinger Interview

01/15/16 Zac fills us in on his career and the album Okami Henkyokushuu Vol.2 Jazz.


Mike Dietz Interview

10/15/15 Mike talks to us about his new game, Armikrog.

Vic Mignogna Interview

09/25/15 Don't worry, the equivalent exchange for reading this interview is just your time.

Erin Fitzgerald Interview

08/12/15 The actor talks to us about her roles in many, many games, her hobbies, career advice, and more!

Peter McConnell Interview

08/07/15 Composer on an impressive number of titles, from Grim Fandango, to the likes of Blizzard's Hearthstone, and Double Fine's Broken Age today.

Jillian Aversa Interview

07/21/15 We attempt to maintain our awe while talking to the award-winning vocalist and songwriter about her history in - and love of - music, and much more.

Mikolai Stroinski on The Witcher 3

05/20/15 We chat with composer Mikolai Stroinski about his career and his contributions to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Thomas Böcker on Spielemusikkonzerte & Final Symphony

02/11/15 Thomas Böcker is back, producing another symphonic album with the London Symphony Orchesta and Final Fantasy vetteran Nobuo Uematsu. We talk to him about his process, and much more.

MAGFest 13: Beep Documentary Crew Interview

02/10/15 We sit down with some of the people behind the Beep documentary, and what goes into building a multi-platform documentary on the history of game music.


Starting a Rebellion: Travis Baldree and Erich Schaefer on Rebel Galaxy

11/19/14 We talk to the co-founders of Runic, who left the company they created to start a new space-faring journey with Rebel Galaxy.

Interview: Jill Melancon

09/29/14 Jill discusses her experience voice acting in Revolution 60.

Interview: Karl Roelofs Talks Shadowgate

09/01/14 Bob interviews the creator of the original Shadowgate, and the new one.


The Artists and Music of Game Music Festival

11/29/13 Interviews and album reviews coinciding with Loudr's first Game Music Festival.

Supergiant Games: Transistor Interview

06/15/13 We talk to Supergiant Games' Creative Director Greg Kasavin and Studio Director Amir Rao about their upcoming PS4/PC adventure, Transistor.

Interview with Casey Ormond

02/02/13 Stephen and Derek chat with Casey Ormond, arranger/performer of Piano Collections Final Fantasy XII.

Interview with Steven Peeler of Soldak Entertainment

01/31/13 Steven Peeler talks about Soldak's space action RPG, Drox Operative.

RPGFan Music: A Conversation with Yoko Shimomura

01/16/13 An interview with one of gaming's most prolific composers.

Video interview with Freebird Games' Kan Gao

01/16/13 A video interview and live music presentation with the director and composer of To The Moon.


Interview with composer Sam Hulick

10/23/12 We speak with Mass Effect composer Sam Hulick about his work on Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition.

Interview with Chris Avellone and Justin Bell of Obsidian Entertainment

10/14/12 A discussion of the hastily-funded Kickstarter RPG Project Eternity.

Interview with Trent Oster of Beamdog

09/11/12 We chat with Trent Oster from Beamdog, developer of Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition.

Interview with Carolina Moya of EndlessFluff Games

09/04/12 We talk with the creator of the puzzle RPG hybrid Legend of Fae.

Tulio Adriano Cardoso Gonçalves of WaterMelon Games

07/15/12 A look behind the origin of the indie Sega Genesis RPG, Pier Solar and the Great Architects.

Interview with Victor Ireland, President of Gaijinworks

04/12/12 Taking a look at the Kickstarter for Class of Heroes 2.

Interview with Grank Kirkhope, Composer for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

03/09/12 What's the deal behind the man who used to work for Rare?

Interview with Kan "Reives" Gao of Freebird Games

01/29/12 We interview Kan Gao of Freebird Games about the indie scene, To the Moon, and what's in store for the future.


Aselia the Eternal Interview with Phil Long of JAST USA

12/14/11 Hybrid Visual Novels/RPGs your thing? You'll want to read this one.

The Gray Matter of Adventure Gaming: An Interview With Jane Jensen and Robert Holmes

10/25/11 We sit down with the designer and composer team for one of our favorite adventure games of 2011.

Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns Interview with Graham Markay

09/10/11 Find out all about Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns.

Witcher II Interview with Tomasz Gop, Senior Producer at CDProjekt RED

04/27/11 The senior producer on The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings walks us through the title.

Ys I & II Chronicles Q&A With Tom Lipschultz, XSEED Games Localization Specialist

02/22/11 Longtime reader and localizer Tom Lipschultz talks about his Falcom localization, Ys I & II Chronicles.


Rune Factory 3 Q&A With Graham Markay, Natsume Vice President of Operations

11/12/10 Natsume's Vice President of Operations Graham Markay talks about what to expect from Rune Factory 3.

Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals Q&A With Graham Markay, Natsume Vice President of Operations

10/23/10 Natsume's Vice President of Operations Graham Markay talks about the localization process for Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals.

Ys: Oath in Felghana Q&A With Tom Lipschultz, XSEED Games Localization Specialist

10/12/10 Longtime reader and localizer Tom Lipschultz talks about his upcoming Falcom localization, Ys: The Oath in Felghana.

Interview with Thomas Boecker, Producer, WDR Orchestra Concerts

08/03/10 Europe's regional hero for game music fans speaks to us about the concerts he's produced, including his most recent concert "Symphonic Fantasies," featuring prominent Square Enix titles.

Interview with Aaron Walz, Composer

04/08/10 Indie game music from Aveyond and more, all composed by this young upstart. What's his take on the industry? And does he know more about Japanese VGM composers than us?

Interview with Yuki Sugiura, Composer

03/02/10 The man behind some new Japanese game music, a goth-rock band, and a lot of hair.

Interview with Indinera Falls of Aldorlea Games

02/25/10 We take a look inside the mind of one of the vanguards of commercial indie RPGs.

DOFUS Interview with Ankama Studios

02/16/10 Our first interview to feature manga-style art superimposed against a picture of a chocolate candy bar. We're setting a new standard of excellence in journalism.

Nexon Q&A

01/25/10 Nexon takes on our critique of Dungeon Fighter Online, answers questions about MapleStory, and discusses the MMO business in general.

Interview with Casey Hudson, Executive Producer of Mass Effect 2

01/04/10 We chat with the man behind Mass Effect 2 about download content and lots of other stuff.


PLAY! Interview with Jason Michael Paul

11/10/09 Three years in, the PLAY! concert series is still going strong. Learn about the latest developments of the show, and possible future arrangements from some of your favorite RPGs, in this interview with the show's producer.

Telltale Games Interview With Designer Mark Darin

09/24/09 Strong Bad, Guybrush, Gromit, and many other lovable characters have come to life in 3D adventures from Telltale. We get excited about it, and talk to a member of the Telltale staff about how cool he is.

Interview with Jeremy Soule: zOMG! and More

09/15/09 A seasoned veteran in the world of game music, the BAFTA-award-winning Jeremy Soule has a chat with us about his oldest and newest works.

Interview with Mike Laidlaw, lead designer of Dragon Age: Origins

09/04/09 We sit down with the lead designer to talk at length about BioWare's upcoming RPG.

Kentaro Hisai E3 2009 Interview, Regarding Spectrobes: Origins

06/20/09 Rallen, Jeena, the Krawl and Spectrobes are all jumping from the DS to the Wii. We meet with the series' creator and producer, Kentaro Hisai, to learn more.

Guild Wars 4th Anniversary Feature & Interview

04/24/09 We interview game designer Ben Miller about the past, present, and future of the groundbreaking MMORPG that has outlived many of its peers.


Michiko Naruke's Wild Arms, From Console to Stage

12/20/08 Contributor Jeriaska meets with Michiko Naruke at the "Press Start" concert in Japan. Much is revealed.

Interview with Yasunori Mitsuda

10/15/08 Mitsuda shares his thoughts on Soma Bringer and international fame. Thanks to contributor Jeriaska.

Kentaro Hisai Interview

10/09/08 Producer with Disney Interactive Studios for both "Spectrobes" titles gives us his take on the budding franchise.

Warhammer: Age of Reckoning Interview

09/18/08 We go to WAR with Mark Jacobs and Robert Mull of EA Mythic.

Interview with Masaharu Iwata

09/18/08 Sakimoto's partner in crime talks about Hyper Game Concert and more. Thanks to contributor Jeriaska.

Taleworlds Entertainment Interview: Mount & Blade

09/12/08 Company representative Armagan Yavuz speaks with us about their PC-based RPG "Mount & Blade."

Yoshiteru Sato Interview

04/18/08 Co-Founder and Director of Idea Factory talks about the international market, strategy, and details about upcoming games.

Interview with Darumaya

04/15/08 The band discusses their music for Shadow Hearts and the Hyper Game Music concert. Thanks to contributor Jeriaska.

Interview with Kumi Tanioka

03/29/08 One of Square Enix's most versatile in-house composers, Ms. Tanioka, is interviewed by us. Thanks to contributor Jeriaska.

Interview with Joe Down Studio

02/17/08 Thanks to contributor Jeriaska, we get the 411 from this Hokkaido-based music recording studio.


RPGFan's Exclusive Interviews 2007

11/20/07 Better late than never, we continue our annual tradition of interviewing numerous Japanese developers and publishers.

Michael Schiestl Interview

08/25/07 We speak with ClockStone's CEO to learn about their upcoming Action RPG, Avencast.

Souhei Niikawa (NIS) Interview

02/09/07 Chris Winkler gets an update from NIS's Producer on their upcoming games.


Isamu Kamikokuryou Interview

11/15/06 Our own Chris Winkler speaks with Final Fantasy XII's Art Director.

RPGFan's Exclusive Interviews 2006

01/20/06 We love to talk. Here's us doing what we love.


RPGFan's Exclusive Interviews 2005

02/15/05 Similar to Creator's Talk, a talk with some of the people behind some of the biggest RPGs.


Sakura Taisen 4 Interview

02/04/02 This interview was conducted by Weekly Famitsuu with Ouji Hiroi, the creator of the Sakura Taisen series.


Jade Cocoon 2 Interview

09/17/01 Interview with Jade Cocoon 2 producer Ken Shimizu.


Team XKalibur Interview

07/29/00 RPGFan interviews three members of Team XKalibur, the devlopers behind the tradtional Gameboy Color RPG, Mythri.


SCE Interview

10/28/99 This interview conducted by Weekly Famitsuu interviews SCE about their new RPG Legend of Dragoon.

Phantasy Star Online Interview

10/17/99 This interview conducted by Weekly Famitsuu focuses on Sega's uncoming RPG Phantasy Star Online.

Chunsoft Interview

10/04/99 This interview conducted by Weekly Famitsuu focuses Chunsoft's development of two sequels to their Mysterious Dungeon series.

Game Arts Interview

09/02/99 This interview conducted by Weekly Famitsuu focuses on Grandia II and the future of Game Arts.

Yoji Sugimoto Interview

07/27/99 This interview was conducted by Weekly Famitsuu with Yoji Sugimoto, the director of the upcoming action RPG Dew Prism.

Ryousirow Hasukawa Interview

07/04/99 This is an interview with LUNAR scenario designer, Ryousirow Hasukawa. The interview discusses his job with the LUNAR series, some storyline elements, and other things.


Nevolution Interview

05/06/98 This interview was conducted with both Stephen B. Adkins II (producer) and David Gallay (Lead Designer/Webmaster). Shadows of Reality, the main topic of the interview was created by Nevolution.

Bifrost Creations Interview

04/22/98 This interview was conducted with Donald B. Vanderbeld of Bifrost Creations. The interview was about their upcoming PC RPG, Avaris.