Features: Archive

An archive page of several discontinued RPGFan features, including our two webcomic series, and what used to make up the "Fan Center."

Game of the Month

2011-2014 Archive of RPGFan's Game of the Month recurring feature, discontinued in early 2014.

Fan Art Archive

2002-2007 Archive of RPGFan's fan art section.

RPGFan Mailbag

1999-2005 Archive of RPGFan's mail section.

Fan Fiction

2000-2005 Archive of RPGFan's fan fiction section.

Classic Editorials

1997-2004 The original staff- and reader-written Editorials section, before it was re-launched in 2007.

RPGFan Lores

2002-2004 Tim Duong's Discontinued Comic.

RPGFan Illustrated

2001-2002 Archive of RPGFan's discontinued comic strip.


2002 Archive of RPGFan's former MMORPG column.