Peter Triezenberg
Kingdom Hearts III "Re:Mind" DLC Announced at World of Tres Concert
Again with the names, Nomura!
04.27.19 - 7:02 PM

Now that Critical Mode has been added to Kingdom Hearts III, many fans have been wondering what was next for the latest game in the popular franchise. During the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra: World of Tres show in Tokyo, Square Enix announced a new slate of DLC that will be added to the game, entitled "Re:Mind" (because of course it is).

Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind DLC

Details are scarce at this point, but we do know that the DLC will include a new scenario (Re:Mind), as well as a "Limit Cut Episode" with new bosses, and a new "Secret Episode" with another additional boss. The Japanese version will also be getting an English voiceover option. Additionally, more free content is on the way: Sora will be getting a new form and a new Keyblade via a free download. For those who thought Kingdom Hearts III was lacking in endgame content, this is definitely exciting news.

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