Gino DiGioia
Coming This Week, 07/30/18
Eight games, eight adventures to explore
07.30.18 - 1:05 PM

Wait, I'm sorry, I think I misheard that. There are EIGHT games this week!? Well, I should find it ironic that eight games are keeping me from finishing a game that has eight separate stories to it. Don't worry, next week I'll be making Monster Hunter references and jokes, and you can get sick of those instead. Until then, let's go on to this week's list. We have a lot to cover.

1979 Revolution: Black Friday - PS4 (July 31st), Switch (August 2nd), XB1 (August 3rd)

You play as a photojournalist who is trying to survive in Iran during the 1979 revolution. With the truth within your grasp, you will make both allies and enemies through the choices you make. The decisions you make could result in the survival or death of many people, including yourself. The game is already on Steam with mostly positive reviews and an 80 on Metacritic. Graphically, it isn't anything impressive, but it's the story you should focus on. Check out our review and gallery for the Steam version.

1979 Revolution: Black Friday

Anamorphine - PS4, Steam (July 31st)

Ok, I can get back to jokes now that we aren't talking about a serious point in world history. Our next game talks about a young man trying to cope with his past through a world made up of his own emotions. As his mental turmoil continues, his wife goes into a deep depression and the inability to help her or himself puts both of them into a cycle of denial. Through a narrative told just through wandering in dream-like memories, explore the mental state of this couple trying to cope with the tragedy that has befallen them. sigh Yeah, I shouldn't mention jokes here. Check out the gallery and let's move on.


Chasm - PS4, PSVita, Steam (July 31st)

Breathe, Gino. Breathe. We are talking about a game where you play as a rookie knight of a kingdom, going to investigate a collapsed mine. Nothing depressing or deeply symbolic here. Ok, so it's a Metroidvania-type roguelike where you explore six different areas that are procedurally-generated. Every playthrough will be different. So, it's like if Rogue Legacy and Binding of Isaac had a baby and that baby grew up in a mining town... that had all of its inhabitants captured by supernatural monsters emerging from the defunct mine. Which means all of the family and friends this baby had are now gone and could possibly be killed. OK, I think I am starting to lose my mind a little. Check out the gallery before you do too.


Code of Princess EX - Switch (July 31st)

Hmm... Code of Princess. The most controversial thing here is Solange's outfit, at least on the surface. The game was originally published by Atlus on the 3DS with full English voice acting, but when the game was published by Degica for PC, they re-translated the game but didn't include English voice acting. Code of Princess EX is a remaster of the 3DS version that includes HD graphics, smarter AI, gameplay balancing, and a new leveling-system. It still has all of the classic action based combat you'd expect. As for the localization, it is done this time by Nicalis but seems to have the 3DS translation. I don't know if it will have the English voice acting or not, but we will find out on Tuesday. Check out our gallery for the Switch version and our review for the 3DS version.

Code of Princess EX

Titan Quest - Switch (July 31st)

Whoooa, we're halfway there. Whoa-oh! Titan on a Quest! Wait, that doesn't rhyme. Titan Quest is an ARPG originally released for PC ten years ago. Since then, it has obtained a strong following, leading to a anniversary edition released back in 2016. It has been ported to multiple systems since then, including PS4 and XB1 in March of this year (which we actually talked about in the very first Coming This Week. Look how far we've come.) Back then, Peter mentioned it was coming to Switch and here we are. Journey back to Greece and learn about the truth about the conflict between titans and Olympian gods.

Yakuza 0 - Steam (August 1st)

Boo yeah, we are talking about Yakuza. I haven't been a Yakuza fan for very long but playing this game made me into an instant fan. It has everything I enjoy in a Japanese game: over the top action sequences and attacks, fanservice so stupid that I laugh at it, good story and characters, the ability to both take itself very seriously and not seriously at all, and karaoke. Between Kiryu getting super passionate about pocket circuit racing, to Majima struggling with the choice of killing a woman or not... or from Kiryu running for his life as he has a couple hundred yakuza trying to kill him, to Majima dressing up as an idol and singing a song called 24 Hour Cinderella... this game is a gem of stupid and awesome and I highly suggest it. Plus, the PC version has uncapped frame rates. So you can protect a Michael Jackson clone from zombies in uncapped frame rates in 4K. Seriously, it's only 20 bucks. Check out our gallery too.

Yakuza 0

Salt and Sanctuary - Switch (August 2nd)

As Trent mentioned in a previous article, the Dark Souls-difficult 2D RPG Salt and Sanctuary is coming to switch. With language support in a crapton of languages, you will be able to understand how you died in multiple ways. After playing, you will feel salty for dying and will cause you to seek sanctuary as you try and calm down. Ah, feels good to make a good joke. Anyways, we are seven games in, so check out Trent's article for the deets on it. You can also check out our gallery and review.

Salt and Sanctuary

Super Dungeon Tactics - Xbox One (August 3rd)

This game came out on PS4 a couple weeks ago, where I talked about it in a mini paragraph describing its gameplay, music, graphics, and other features that were very interesting, like how the characters were sort of a chibi nature and how the game looked like Final Fantasy Tactics meets XCOM, which was kind of cool, and if you couldn't play the game on PS4, now you can on Xbox One, plus you can check out our gallery too. (Gino elected to channel his inner Michael Pena with this one! ~Peter)

Super Dungeon Tactics

Okay, all eight games are done. There can't possibly be anything else coming out this week, so I think we can call it. Enjoy your week if you're picking up any of these, and as always, please continue coming back to RPGFan for the greatest RPG and visual novel news.