Scott Clay
Week in Review, 7/28/2018
Changes are a-coming!
07.28.18 - 8:48 PM

We have been doing Week in Review for... I want to say about a year and a half now, and it has always been just a small recap of everything we post on the site each week. A lot of times, good stories don't make the cut, and that's okay, but we are always looking to improve. So very soon, there is going to be a significant change to Week in Review. We will be looking for feedback on what is coming, and if it's successful, there might be more things like it in the future. But let's save most of that talk for when it premieres. In the meantime, we have news stories from Peter Triezenberg and Michael Sollosi, as well as a review from Robert Fenner.

Story by Peter Triezenberg

Wild Arms is so due for a new game in the series, and wouldn't you know it, Media.Vision is now hiring for a new PS4 RPG. Not many games are set in a Wild West-like universe. Wild Arms scratched that itch so hard back in the day, and boy does that itch need to be scratched again. So Media.Vision, if you're reading this, we need a new Wild Arms game in our lives.

Wild Arms 3 Screenshot

Story by Peter Triezenberg

Finally, all the Ys games released in English are officially on PC. Memories of Celceta was the only outlier before this week, but not any longer with its fantastic PC port. Now all we need is for Falcom to do a remake of Ys 5, and then we can finally have every game readily available for everyone. It's surprising to see ports for a series like this where we were denied so many of the entries for so long. Here's hoping more Falcom games get this treatment in the future.

Ys: Memories of Celceta Screenshot

Review by Robert Fenner

Speaking of Falcom games that took forever to get a Western release, Zwei: The Arges Adventure was recently made available for us to play. Zwei is one of those Falcom games not many people know about, but one of RPGFan's Falcom experts, Robert Fenner, took it upon himself to do a review of this charming game. Now, don't go expecting the current level of Falcom excellence; this is an old game, but it's still worth a playthrough or two. Thank you, XSEED for bringing this to us. You guys are fantastic.

Zwei: The Arges Adventure Screenshot

Story by Michael Sollosi

Retro Encounter is heading steadily toward its 150th episode, and they want to hear from you, the listeners. So send them your emails with any questions, discussion topics, or suggestions you might have for the show. And while you do that, make sure to check out the recent Lunar podcasts, especially the Lunar 2 podcast. I mean, it is the best game of all time, so why not?

Story by Peter Triezenberg

Oh sweet, a new Phantasy Star game! And of course, it's a mobile game, because why not? Every other game series under the sun has a mobile gacha game, and now Phantasy Star will have one as well. How about PSO2 for the West or maybe an actual Phantasy Star 5? Maybe one day, but I guess we can enjoy a gacha game in the meantime. They can be oddly fun sometimes.

Idola Phantasy Star Screenshot

And that's a wrap for this week. Be sure to check back on the front page for all your RPG news and reviews.