Michael Sollosi
Retro Encounter Wants Your Input!
Somehow, we made it this far
07.23.18 - 1:26 AM

Hello, RPGFan readers and podcast listeners! RPGFan's weekly podcast, Retro Encounter, is hitting 150 episodes very soon. We want to collect as many listener emails as we can over the next few weeks and respond to ALL of them in episode 150. So if you have any discussion topic ideas, questions about the podcast, or suggestions for a future game to cover, please send an email to retro@rpgfan.com with your question or suggestion. We will definitely respond to it on the air if:

A) we receive the email before August 18th


B) your email isn't hateful or hostile

So please send your emails! We might miss your message if you send it via another communication method. retro@rpgfan.com is the email address. Thank you, good night, and good luck.