Michael Sollosi
Michael Sollosi
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At RPGFan Since:
November 2014

Fairfax, VA, USA

Favorite Games/Series:
Chrono Trigger, Skies of Arcadia, Final Fantasy Tactics, Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Quest series, Final Fantasy series, Disgaea series, Persona series, Street Fighter series, Mega Man X series, Castlevania series, Ratchet & Clank series, Zelda series, Mario RPG series, Pokemon series

Favorite Genres:
RPGs (all kinds), platformers, fighters, character action games, puzzle adventure games

Other Interests:
dogs, parks, trivia, music, basketball, comics, animation, beatboxing, pro wrestling
When I was six years old, my grandfather gave me a Game Boy and a copy of Tetris, and at the time he didn't think he had created a monster. After Tetris, my gaming experiences were a demo of Prince of Persia on a Macintosh LC II and then many, many rentals of Nintendo and Capcom games on the NES. My first RPG was Final Fantasy IV (although at the time I thought it was Final Fantasy II), and before too long RPGs became my favorite genre. I love building teams of characters, finding patterns and solving puzzles both in combat and exploration, and growing increasingly attached to characters and worlds over the course of an adventure. I also like watching numbers steadily increase, which probably explains why I still buy every new Disgaea title.

I'm a near-lifelong musician, taking piano lessons for over a decade as a child and teenager and transitioning into percussion in middle school. In high school and college I was active in marching band, indoor drumline, and chamber music. I played quads for the University of Virginia Marching Cavaliers for two years, but my favorite instrument to play is the marimba (the more octaves, the better). I think the first time I ever saw the word "Marimba" was when I first played Link's Awakening, so I guess it all goes back to the Game Boy that Grandpa gave me. It's a circle of life.

When I'm not playing video games, I'm probably either indulging in one of my other media obsessions, going jogging in the park behind my house, or working for a sewer company (really). I studied geology, hydrology, and geographic information systems at UVA, and now I work with geodatabases of sewer systems, take soil and water samples to test for contaminants, and try to calm down hysterical customers whose wastewater is flowing uphill. If that sounds interesting to you, then I suggest you find some new hobbies.

I'm not trying to make a career out of games writing or music writing, but I definitely want to continue writing and improving my craft. It feels awesome to be part of a staff that shares my passion for RPGs and game music. But enough talk! Have at you!