Gino DiGioia
Zanki Zero Gets a New Gameplay Video and Character Introduction Trailers.
Hosted by Frieza and Goku. You'll get that in a second.
06.22.18 - 9:59 PM

Well, we are less than two weeks from Zanki Zero's Japanese release and as we approach it, Spike Chunsoft is releasing more trailers and other media. The latest on offer is a new 13-minute gameplay video.

This is the third gameplay trailer released by Spike Chunsoft in the last two weeks. This time, the clones are trying to figure out where they are, watching the first episode of Extend TV, introducing Sho and Mirai in the process, and finding out about their cross-keys. Fun fact, the Japanese voice actors for Sho and Mirai are the same actors for Frieza and Goku from Dragon Ball, respectively. So, that's neat!

Next up we have two gameplay trailers showing off the character introduction scenes. We saw Sachika awhile ago, but now we get to see Haruto meet up with everyone else individually.

The first one shows Ryo, Mamoru, and Yuma:

The second shows Rinko, Minamo, and Zen:

They all seem to be having fun.

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning will release on PS4 and PSVita on July 5th in Japan. It is slated for a Western release on PS4 and PC sometime in the future. Check out our galleryfor screenshots and our last article for the other gameplay trailers and other info.