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New Trailers and Media in Zanki Zero News Roundup
All of the news you missed during E3.
06.18.18 - 7:26 PM

E3 was a busy time for everyone and now that it is over, it's time for our regularly scheduled news for games coming out in Japan. Zanki Zero has received a lot of news from new gameplay mechanics to new trailers and gameplay videos. Let's start with the new trailers:

Trailers abound

First 10 minutes of the game:

The year 2018 is mentioned in the first line: that isn't ominous at all. Anyways, this trailer shows off some exploration and the Editor of Sloth, Haruto meeting the Girl of Original Sin, Sachika, whose hair stands at attention. I really need a profile on her.

Let's move on to some gameplay of the game's Garage area:

Here, the game's base area is shown, as well as Haruto meeting the rest of the survivors. They are just as confused about what's happening to them as I am about Sachika.

Oh, who wants a quick battle?:

Just a reminder that this game isn't a visual novel but a full-fledged roguelike RPG.

There's one more trailer but I'll get to it later. Let's talk about the new gameplay features.

Parasites and Sleeping Together

That was something I just said. Anyways, battle is usually fought with simple weapons using simple attacks. When you are facing an enemy, just press the attack button and you can hit them without worrying about aiming. Weapons (and attacking in general) have a cooldown with each weapon having different cooldown times. Weaker weapons tend to have faster countdowns while larger and stronger weapons tend to have longer.

Zanki Zero

There are other ways of attacking though, like the charge attack. Unlike the standard attack, this attack requires holding the attack button, aiming at the enemy, and using a lot more stamina. In exchange, the attack is much stronger and you can break enemy body parts if you aim well. Breaking parts allow you to eliminate an enemies way of attack and obtain items that you couldn't otherwise. There is also a skill called Charge Combo that allows you to do a Charge attack with all active party members.

Zanki Zero

I mentioned parasites, right? Well, in the world of Zanki Zero, there are tentacle-like parasites called Clione which leech onto living things and offer their powers in exchange for the host's energy. The clones are able to use this Clione for themselves as they progress and upgrade the Extend Machine. The Clione can give you different abilities depending on which type you equip. You can also combine Clione onto one character to obtain special effects. Be careful though, the more you use Clione, the more it corrodes your body. And it can take your life if it runs wild.

Zanki Zero

Last but not least is the Co-Sleeping mechanic. By having two characters share a room for a night, those characters can gain effects depending on who they sleep with. For example, Sachika grants her and her roommate EXP boost while Mamoru can give a health boost. Some effects can also spread out to the entire party too.

Zanki Zero

Swimsuits DLC and Introduction Trailer

Oh, look, swimsuit DLC. We mentioned before that a swimsuit DLC would be coming out with the Digital Extend Edition of the game and now we have the screenshots of what they'd look like. The DLC can be bought separately as a set for 1,620 yen or individually for 270 yen for the men's costumes or 324 yen for the females.

Zanki Zero Zanki Zero

Finally, the Game Overview Trailer is embedded down below, and it goes over all of the game's mechanics. It's pretty much my articles over the last three months summed up in one video... just in Japanese.

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning comes for PS4 and PS Vita on July 5th in Japan and on PS4 and PC in the west at an undisclosed date. Check out our gallery for all of the new screenshots.