Peter Triezenberg
Tales of Zestiria Sales Data, Alisha DLC Clarification
Curious minds want to know, what's up with Alisha?
01.31.15 - 5:16 PM

Tales of Zestiria released last week in Japan, selling 340,891 copies within its first week, roughly 89% of its initial shipment. By comparison, Tales of Xillia sold 525,605 copies and Tales of Xillia 2 sold 364,469 copies in their respective first weeks. Media Create is hopeful that the higher percentage of sales for Tales of Zestiria means that the game's sales will pick up in the subsequent weeks, considering that its launch clashed with Japanese university entrance exams.

We recently talked about the Alisha DLC episode, which has evidently been a point of contention among some Japanese fans, who feel that her sudden departure from the main plot was done so that her story could be sold as separate content. When asked about the matter, producer Hideo Baba said that they "announced characters in the order that they appear in the game, so we, at Bandai Namco, never decided on who the heroine is, and left it up to fans to decide for themselves." The DLC episode is free until February 28th, but it is curious that a heavily promoted character would be largely an absentee in the main game. We'll find out what the deal is for ourselves when Tales of Zestiria comes out in the west later this year.