Peter Triezenberg
Bravely Second Gets Pastry Chef Job
Best job ever! Sorry, Time Mage.
01.16.15 - 5:25 PM

Calling it now — at some point in Bravely Second, I am going to attempt to use an entire party of Pastry Chefs and defeat my foes with an overwhelming wave of freshly-baked croissants. Hey, if people can beat the original Final Fantasy with a party of White Mages, then you shouldn't underestimate the power of pastry!

The latest issue of Jump magazine provided some new details on the various new Jobs that will be introduced in Bravely Second, as well as the characters representing them. The first newcomer we'll discuss is Minette Goroneze, the Cat User, a 17-year old Imperial soldier and the self-proclaimed "King of Cats." Secondly, we have the Mysterious Elder is an Astrologer who is very, very focused on his work, to the point that one cannot get his attention once he begins. Amy Matchlock, bearer of the Tomahawk Asterisk and who we've talked about before, can commune with spirits and resides in a small tribe deep in the forest. Last, but certainly not least, we have Angelo W. Panettone, the Pastry Chef himself, who apparently is quite adept at wooing ladies with both his cologne and his baked goods.

Iit's quite the eclectic line-up. Bravely Second will be released for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on April 23rd.