Peter Triezenberg
SaGa Designer Came Up With Legend of Legacy's Mapping System
The more I read about this game, the more appealing it sounds!
01.09.15 - 7:41 PM

Much has been said about The Legend of Legacy's similarity to the SaGa games, what with similar design elements and several staff at FuRyu having worked on them, and director Masataka Matsuura has provided one more point of comparison — The Legend of Legacy's map system was originally part of a project by SaGa designer Kyoji Koizuma known as "Cartegrapher". This "Cartegraph" system allows players to map out the surrounding area, sell their maps to make money, or get information from other adventurers.

According to Matsuura, "Koizumi-san suggested it, then fleshed it out with adjustments like rendering and such, which became the Cartegraph feature." He also explained the reasoning behind the mapping systems inclusion in The Legend of Legacy. "By making maps as you go, I believe that you get a ‘sense of adventure’ while exploring the unknown wild lands. I think there will also be a sense of value to the maps themselves."

Interesting stuff, to be sure. The Legend of Legacy will be out in just a couple weeks (January 22nd) in Japan, and here's hoping that this promising 3DS RPG ends up getting localized!