Jesse Woo
Matsuura Wants to Hit You Right in the Nostalgia With Legend of Legacy
Don't worry, it won't hurt much.
01.08.15 - 3:53 AM

In a recent interview with Japanese gaming website Inside Games, Legend of Legacy director Masataka Matsuura shared some of principles and goals that have guided his design process. He spoke of wanting to create something original and set in a pure fantasy world similar to the games he played in his youth, as opposed to the proliferation of sequels and "realistic" settings on the market today. He said that Legend of Legacy will target gamers who "enjoyed the experience playing RPGs in the 90s." To this end he eschewed a mobile release because he thought the emphasis on monetization that is endemic to mobile platforms would detract from creating a pure fantasy, console RPG experience.

A necessary element for Matsuura in planning this game with developers was recruiting Kyoji Koizumi, who worked on several of Square Enix's SaGa games, including Romancing SaGa 2, SaGa Frontier, and Unlimited SaGa. Rather than simply make a good looking game, Matsuura believes that RPGs from the 90s were great because they were "interesting both on the inside and outside," so he recruited Koizumi for his experience in creating such games. Koizumi's influence is evident in both the open-ended nature of the game's story and the battle system built on formation and battle skills.

Matsuura insists that he is not just trying to copy a 90s RPG, but rather create an game that is just as entertaining as an RPG from that era. He hopes that people will come to associate his name with quality and entertaining games.