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New Final Fantasy XV Info Details Ravus, Iris, And More
Iris looks so much like Yuffie, it's unreal.
07.23.16 - 12:31 PM

Recently in Weekly Jump, Square Enix unveiled Ravus Nox Fleuret and Iris Amicitia, two new characters with significant familial connections to the Final Fantasy XV cast. Ravus, Luna's older brother, was once a man of Tenebrae Kingdom, but now serves as an officer in the Nilfheim army. He also appears in the CGI film Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV. Iris, on the other hand, is Gladiolus' younger sister, who made her debut in an episode of Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV. She currently lives in Lestallum after escaping from the capital city during Nilfheim's attack. She also bears a 100% coincidental resemblance to Yuffie from Final Fantasy VII.

final fantasy xv ravus nox fleuret luna brother

final fantasy xv iris amicitia gladiolus sister yuffie

Square also released some new gameplay details for Final Fantasy XV. There will be dialogue choices at certain points, where the player has to choose from multiple responses and the conversation will play out based on which option is selected (if it was good enough for Final Fantasy XIII-2, it's good enough for Final Fantasy XV, I'm guessing). Various shops scattered throughout the world of Final Fantasy XV will have different appearances based on their location, and can sell items and weapons, provide information on quests, or refill the Regalia's gas tank. By talking to information brokers, the player will be able to take on 'subjugation quests' called Mobhunts, where unique awards and challenging foes await.

final fantasy xv information broker diner

final fantasy xv subjugation quest mobhunt

During combat, there will be battle skills known as "Links" that are automatically triggered when certain conditions are met, and they vary by party member. Ignis, for example, will be able to perform a Link Attack with Noctis, where Noctis kicks a spear into the air and Ignis catches the spear and drives it into the enemy to deal significant damage. Gladiolus will be able to deal a Back Attack Link where he lifts Noctis into the air to deal damage to enemies. The player can also issue "Commands" to their party members, such as Gladio's Tempest attack where he spins his sword into enemies, or Ignis Marking enemies with his daggers to make targets for Noctis to strike.

final fantasy xv link attack

final fantasy xv command attack

Last but not least, if you pre-order Final Fantasy XV from the Square Enix Online Store, you'll be eligible for the "Carbuncle Surprise," a campaign in which participants will be automatically entered to win themed digital and physical prizes, including an Audi Sedan, because who doesn't need a Final Fantasy car?

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