The Wolf Among Us 2 Announced

Looks like Bigby's adventure isn't over just yet!

12.14.19 - 8:49 PM
written by Keegan Lee

During the 2019 Video Game Awards, many exciting new games were revealed and announced, with one particular game catching our attention. After the purchase of Telltale Games assets by LCG Entertainment, fans of the company were curious to see what this new ownership would bring. Now, we finally have an exciting glimpse into the future, with the reveal trailer for The Wolf Among Us 2! Check out the reveal trailer below!

Details are currently scarce at the moment, but just seeing the IP getting some attention is more than enough for me! For those unfamiliar with the series, The Wolf Among Us, based on the DC Comics series Fables, follows the adventures of Bigby Wolf, as he attempts to solve the murder of a woman in Fabletown, located in the heart of Manhattan and occupied by mythical fairy tale creatures! Players explore Fabletown, searching for clues and witnesses, while making tough decisions that can influence the story. Check out our review of the PC version, in case you're interested!

When Telltale closed their doors, many people lost hope of ever seeing some of their favorite series again. But now, well, it feels safe to hope again! I'll keep my fingers crossed for a Tales from the Borderlands sequel!

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Keegan Lee
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