LCG Entertainment To Relaunch Telltale Games Brand

Fitting, given that the studio's claim to fame was The Walking Dead.

08.28.19 - 10:24 PM
written by Peter Triezenberg

Another chapter in the strange, byzantine saga of the late Telltale Games has begun. The company's assets were purchased by one LCG Entertainment, who has announced their intention to relaunch the brand. By doing so, LCG Entertainment will be making some of Telltale's expired back catalog available again, as well as acquire new licenses.

Telltale Games Purchased Relaunched LCG Entertainment Brand

The new Telltale Games is being led by Jamie Ottilie and Brian Waddle, who both have some experience in the games industry but did not work at Telltale prior to its closure. According to Ottilie, some of Telltale's former staff will be offered freelance positions, with the possibility of full-time work in the future.

While the relaunch of Telltale Games as a brand sounds exciting at first glance, let us remember that the company let go of its employees at extremely short notice and without severance pay. Sure, the games will be made available again, and that's exciting (preservation is important, after all), but this won't bring back people's jobs or make amends for the hardships wrought by the studio: in fact, the offer of low-paying freelance work may be interpreted as one more twist of the knife. Still, there's a lot up in the air at this time, so stay tuned to RPGFan for more details. For now, Telltale Games is dead; long live Telltale Games.

Peter Triezenberg