Crowdfunding Chronicles: Path of the Midnight Sun

You can indeed pet the dog in this game!

12.14.19 - 3:45 PM
written by Tina Olah

Path of the Midnight Sun Screenshot - Battle scene in a wintry forest

Campaign Ends: December 21
Platform: Windows, macOS, and Switch. Switch release date depends on funds raised.

Dear Reader! Are you a fan of Fire Emblem? If so, Path of the Midnight Sun may seem familiar to you; the game originally came into being years ago as a Fire Emblem ROM hack, though its development was sadly cancelled in 2017. This new version has been rebuilt from the ground up with an emphasis on the visual novel elements, revamped combat and map systems, and a complete graphical overhaul.

Sixty years ago, the nations of Arvium had been involved in a seemingly endless conflict against the Demon King; despite defeating him several times, he would always return, like a violent seagull attempting to steal your French fries. Finally, a solution was proposed: the Demon King's soul would be extracted and sealed inside a human known as a "Vassal." Fast forward to the present day. While Arvium appears to be at peace, uncertainty and danger lie just around the corner. Will you protect the current Vassal, a young woman who desires nothing but an ordinary life, or choose a different course?

Path of the Midnight Sun Screenshot - Meeting a cute Husky puppy

Path of the Midnight Sun features strategic turn-based battles with a focus on map placement and time management. Time in the game world continues to advance while you're engaging in combat; take too long brawling against zombie deer or disgruntled knights and you may miss out on various events, such as meeting NPCs with particularly tight schedules. Outside of combat, the game's visual novel segments feature a variety of unique characters to interact with, including an adorable Husky puppy. Beyond just influencing the direction of the story, the dialogue choices you make will have an impact on your personality and mental health, which will in turn affect combat morale.

While a Switch version of the game has been confirmed, reaching campaign stretch goals will ensure a release alongside the Windows and Mac editions. Otherwise, the Switch release date will depend on money earned from sales and post-campaign donations. Overall, if you enjoy Fire Emblem or high-fantasy themed visual novels, I would definitely give Path of the Midnight Sun a thorough look. That Husky puppy needs your attention!

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Tina Olah