Review: LISA: The Painful is Shocking, Unique, and isn't for Everyone

And indie hit in 2014, but does it still deliver?

12.04.19 - 4:40 PM
written by Alana Hagues

LISA: The Painful Screenshot

We're finally in December, and as the big game releases wind down (until very early next year) we're feeling a bit reflective here. Not only is it the end of 2019, but it's the end of the decade, and there's been plenty of games we've missed over the last ten years. One of those is LISA: The Painful, a post-apocalyptic RPG that is brutal and unfriendly. If there's a choice, or an event, there's rarely a good outcome for you. Incredibly different from anything that came before and after it, LISA still stands out today, but for the right reasons? Zach Wilkerson isn't so sure, and you can find out exactly why by reading his review right here!

Alana Hagues
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