Become an Expert Bird Tamer When The Falconeer Launches on Xbox One and PC in 2020

All you needed to say was aerial combat RPG and I was sold.

11.20.19 - 1:21 PM
written by Alana Hagues

Have you ever wanted an RPG which sees you become a master bird tamer, that isn't Pokémon? Well look no further. Developed by Tomos Sala, The Falconeer looks to combine stunning set-pieces with action combat that's reminiscent of the Ace Combat series, but with birds instead. Originally announced for PC, Wired Productions have announced that they will be bringing the game to Xbox One too! The game made its console debut at X019 in London just this weekend, and was even playable on the show floor. Check out the announcement trailer below to get a feel for just how beautiful the game is:

Dubbed as an ocean-fantasy game, The Falconeer will see you command your falcon, who is flying around The Great Ursee, a world which is drowning under the copious amounts of water. The atmosphere is hauntingly beautiful, and there are many magical locations hiding hidden secrets. As a Falconeer you can create and adventure unique to you, and I'm excited to see just how much freedom the game grants. The trailer above shows your feathered friend soaring through some dangerous skies, with epic storms and dangerous battles taking place around you.

The Falconeer Screenshot

You can equip your winged warrior with devastating weaponry to combat others, and battles look stunning to boot. Battles look to be fluid and fast, as you have full control over your bird's flight at all times. No random battles, and no combat fields either. It looks magnificent.

Those looking for a unique RPG experience should keep an eye out for The Falconeer, due out on PC and Xbox One sometime in 2020. We'll be sure to keep you up to date as we here more about this wonderful looking title.

Alana Hagues
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