Monster Rancher Port gets Release Date in Japan

But wait, how do I put my Green Day CD in my Switch?

11.20.19 - 1:17 PM
written by Alana Hagues

Who remembers Monster Rancher? A popular monster-raising video game series that spawned an anime of the same name, (one which I definitely didn't spend hours watching after I got in from school in the late 90s). Well, Koei Tecmo's popular 1997 PlayStation monster-raising game is getting a port, and a release date has been announced in Japan!

Monster Rancher Screenshot

Launching on November 28th on iOS and Android, and a few weeks later on December 19th on the Nintendo Switch eShop for 1960 yen (just under $18 USD!), Monster Rancher fans can end their 8 year wait for some more monster farm fun. One of the most interesting gimmicks of the original PlayStation release was that you needed to insert other CDs into your console to generate new monsters in your game. Obviously that's not possible with the new ports, so an online datatbase will be created in order to allow players to obtain new monsters.

A Western release has yet to be announced unfortunately, however there are many vocal fans who want to see this game come to the Switch over here. Of course, if you're desperate, the Switch is region-free, so as long as you have a Japanese eShop account, you can start your Monster Rancher journey as early as next month! As soon as a Western release is announced, we'll be sure to let you know.

Alana Hagues
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