Crowdfunding Chronicles: OTHER: Her Loving Embrace

Adventure, platforming, and bad haircuts in a vibrant 8-bit world.

10.22.19 - 9:01 PM
written by Tina Olah

OTHER: Her Loving Embrace screenshot. 8-bit style scenery with trees and hills

Campaign Ends: November 1
Platform: Windows, Mac and Linux. PS4, Switch and Xbox One may be possible in the future, but nothing is confirmed.

Hey friends! Do you appreciate retro NES-style graphics, action-packed battles, and bowl haircuts? If so, please give a warm welcome to OTHER: Her Loving Embrace; a quirky new RPG with polished 8-bit style graphics and a unique, platforming battle system. Follow a young boy named Gershom, blessed (or cursed) with the abovementioned hairstyle, along with his mysterious companion known only as "The Wizard", on an epic quest to save Chestertown from a supernatural threat.

OTHER's battle system is unquestionably among the game's stand-out elements. While combat itself is turn-based, the action takes place in mini platforming stages. Each time-limited round gives you the opportunity to slice and dice your foes in the style of Devil May Cry or Super Smash Bros. Your combat performance will affect what kind of rewards you receive: meanwhile, magic spells are cast through timing-centered minigames.

The overall aesthetic of this game looks incredibly fun. You explore an overworld reminiscent of classic Zelda titles, Final Fantasy Adventure, and Earthbound, with lots of secrets to uncover, puzzles to solve, and fish to catch. Accompanying you on your journey is a soundtrack full of energetic NES-style tunes which are guaranteed to get you in the mood for punching frogs (the pixelated variety, of course).

While the game looks to be on track to reach its initial campaign target, stretch goals will expand the fun with additional minigames, extra platforming challenges, and more. If stylish 8-bit adventures make you squeal with delight, I highly recommend checking out OTHER!

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Tina Olah