Pascal's Wager Coming Exclusively to Apple Arcade This Winter

Redefining what mobile games are capable of.

09.23.19 - 11:35 AM
written by Peter Triezenberg

Giant Games and Tipsworks Studio have announced a new third-person action-RPG titled Pascal's Wager. The game is set to release on Apple's app store by the end of this year (with PC and console versions coming later, in 2020). According to Giant Games, Pascal's Wager will "reset
what gamers thought was possible on a mobile device," offering graphical and gameplay quality to deliver an experience that rivals PC and console games.

Pascal's Wager Screenshot

Check out the trailer for Pascal's Wager down below (first shown off behind closed doors at E3 2019), as well as a brief synopsis.

The deeply engaging story of Pascal's Wager is told through the use of high fidelity graphics, music, special effects, and mechanics. These unique mobile features are all part of a proprietary mobile game technology that will allow Tipsworks Studios to push the boundaries of the mobile game space in order to create a full PC gaming experience on mobile devices. Players will forget they are on the phone or tablet as they experience a fully featured action game that includes a large-scale world map, exploration elements, a diverse set of enemies, cutscenes, and a deeply engaging narrative.

Tipsworks Studios is committed to changing the impression many have of a "typical" mobile title. This begins with Pascal's Wager being a free-to-try game, with chapters being purchasable at small costs individually or as a whole. Like great console and PC games, Pascal's Wager will feature DLC and add-ons that will extend the story and introduce new characters similar to expansions.

Game Features

Pascal's Wager Screenshot

Stay tuned to RPGFan for more info on Pascal's Wager!

Peter Triezenberg
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