Random Encounter 170 - Who Has the Time?

Across 4 timezones we discuss the MANY games we can expect on our loaded plates!

09.13.19 - 3:30 PM
written by Greg Delmage

On this episode of Random Encounter:
- We all talk about Nintendo Direct news! So many RPGs!
- FFVIII Remaster is shaping up nicely for Jo's first time, and Leona's loving the revisit.
- Nathan reviewed Fire Emblem: Three Houses for us and absolutely loved it. Leona's been all about her upside-down boy in it as well! Both on their second playthroughs, they've plenty to talk about.
- September has so many new games to offer, so we quickly chat about what we are anticipating the most!
- And, as always, shenanigans on the side!

Featuring: Greg Delmage, Nathan Lee, Jo Padilla, Leona McCallum

Questions? Comments? Spare potions? Email us at podcast@rpgfan.com

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Greg Delmage
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