Greg Delmage
Greg Delmage
Random Encounter Host, Video Dept. Manager, Reviews





At RPGFan Since:
April 2018

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Favorite Games/Series:
Legend of Zelda series, Final Fantasy series, Harvest Moon series, Secret of Mana, Legend of Mana, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario, Mega Man/X series, Metroid series, Tomb Raider post-2013 series, Freelancer, Civilization series, Star Fox series, 7th Saga, Dark Cloud

Favorite Genres:
RPG, space-flight simulation, strategy, platformer, action

Other Interests:
Acting, tabletop gaming, visual art, reading fiction/fantasy/sci-fi, piano, gardening, working out

I received my first console, the Nintendo Entertainment System, from my grandmother for Christmas back in 1989 and had no real idea what video games were. It took a few more years after that for things to really stick, for me to get the motor skills to really sink into the finer points of Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt and Popeye. But eventually I could leap through the worlds of Battletoads, Mega Man, Kirby, and Adventure Island and keep up in Tetris, Dr. Mario, 1942, and Ice Hockey. As for the grand adventures of the RPG genre, I had little exposure. It was not until a fateful playdate in grade five that I was introduced to Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy III on the Super Nintendo, and I could never turn back. They awakened my love of fantasy, both in play and in literature, allowing me to explore broad worlds, sweeping stories, interesting characters that grew and learned over the course of their trials, and of course their impactful musical scores that have fueled my creativity for years!

I have been perusing around RPGFan as an enthusiast of the genre for a little over a decade now, taking in the news, checking out reviews, hearing the opinions of the resident editors and podcasters, and honestly thinking it would be great to be a part of this site and the work it does. Finally, life offered me that opportunity, so I took it and, somewhat shocking to myself, the folks here have brought me on board! So now I am here to share my own thoughts and opinions on the gaming genre I appreciate the most, which is just incredibly fantastic.

Beyond my adoration for series like Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, Harvest Moon, Baldur's Gate, the well-made Mana games, and the like, I do delve into other genres. I will happily jump and run amok with Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog, and I'm always open to blasting away foes with Samus, Mega Man, and Lara Croft. You can find me amongst the stars in an X-Wing, TIE figher, or Arwing, and I will send my armies into battle against any culture in Civilization. I may not always have time for gaming these days, but I am always open to play regardless of the genre.

When not gaming, my main passion is acting for film, television, and stage. It has been a long, arduous path of consistent practice and self-promotion, but I am grateful to have found successes here in Vancouver these past years. You can find me in small parts these days on shows like NBC's Timeless, Syfy's The Magicians and the upcoming fourth season of Lifetime's UnREAL, as well as the odd stage show if, you know, you are kicking around in western Canada. Of late, I have also taken on producing with my wonderful partner, Annette, which is a terrifying job to me, but I am getting much more comfortable with it. A short film we produced, Unintentional Mother, has been doing the festival circuit and receiving some solid praise, which has only bolstered my confidence in taking on more projects in the future.

Other than all that, I am fortunate have a wonderful family life I have been building with Annette and her daughter — my step-daughter — Gwen, full of many fun adventures, a great deal of love, and plenty of personal growth. We have been able to carve out a solid life together, with gardening, film production, board gaming and keeping a child alive. So far so good, there.