Divinity: Original Sin II — Definitive Edition for Switch Announced and Available Now!

I never get tired of these surprise releases.

09.04.19 - 8:36 PM
written by Alana Hagues

Divinity: Original Sin II Definitive Edition Screenshot

It's becoming a tradition for Nintendo to launch new games either during their Directs, or shortly after. And today, Divinity: Original Sin II — Definitive Edition gets that honour! Larian Studios' popular PC RPG can now be played on your TV or in the palm of your hands, and not only that, if you own the Steam version of the game, you can transfer your saves via the cloud between the Steam and Switch versions. So those 300 hours you have logged on the PC version? You can play that same game here.

If you've been holding off on picking this up, now is definitely the time to check out the enhanced version of one of 2017's best releases. Take it from Bob Richardson and read his review of the original release to find out what makes this game so special. Check back with us regularly at RPGFan for all the latest and greatest RPG news!

Alana Hagues
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