Dungeon Defenders: Awakened Coming to Nintendo Switch As Timed Exclusive

PS4, XB1, and PC to follow.

08.19.19 - 3:30 PM
written by Peter Triezenberg

Nintendo announced during their recent Indie World showcase that Dungeon Defenders: Awakened would be coming to Nintendo Switch as a timed exclusive. Chromatic Games' multiplayer tower defense/RPG hybrid will be coming to other platforms in the near future, but will launch on the Switch first, arriving sometime in February 2020.

Check out the announcement trailer below!

Defend the most dangerous and gorgeous (we say darngeous) dungeons as four plucky heroes with this unique combo of tower-defense gameplay, ability-based action RPG combat, ever-lasting endgame loot, couch co-op, and online multiplayer.

Experience the front-lines of tower defense with friends and fellow defenders — fighting off ferocious hordes in a stunning 3D fantasy world.

Four unique heroes, a satisfying RPG leveling system, and an ever-addictive endgame with procedurally generated loot — DD:A celebrates the creativity and collaboration that can only come from four friends trapped in a dungeon against endless waves of orcs with dynamite.

Dungeon Defenders Switch

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Peter Triezenberg
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