New Oninaki Gameplay Video Showcases New Characters, Combat and More

A Daemon, known as Dia.

08.06.19 - 11:03 PM
written by Trent Argirov

Tokyo RPG Factory and Square Enix has released a gameplay trailer for the upcoming action-RPG Oninaki. The video gives players a glimpse at a short slice of combat and exploration focused on the Daemon known as Dia, and the abilities she may gift the protagonist. Check it out below!

As seen above, players will be able to enhance their characters within Onikani with Daemon enhanced attacks and abilities, seen in Dia granting the protagonist ranged-based auto-attacks, as well as screen clearing area of effect finishers, stylized aesthetically as dual-wielding both crossbow and pistol.

As it stands, Oninaki looks to be an interesting avenue for Tokyo RPG Factory to walk down, and I, personally, am interested in seeing where this journey takes us.

Oninaki is set to release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Windows systems on August 22nd. Players can get a taste of what Oninaki plays like, as a demo is currently now available.

Stay tuned to RPGFan for all news Oninaki and Tokyo RPG Factory!

Trent Argirov
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