Final Fantasy VII Remake: What We Know So Far

Plus some thoughts on what we don't yet know, and what we still hope to see.

08.04.19 - 11:14 PM
written by Alana Hagues

Final Fantasy VII Remake is real, and it's looking to be extremely special. Aiming to please fans of the original 1997 PlayStation game and newcomers who've either started the Final Fantasy series recently or never even played an RPG, Square Enix have tackled this massive task head-on and are creating something that looks and feels masterful. It rightfully won our Best of Show during our E3 2019 Awards because of its sheer presence at the show: we found out a ton of new information, saw some greatly-anticipated moments, and got a much better look at the combat and the new Midgar.

We want to celebrate by sharing all of our favourite tidbits on this huge remake (some of which we just learned this past June), our favourite things about the game, and what we want to see next, so give our latest feature a read right now!

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Alana Hagues
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