Coming This Week, 7/29/19

Can love bloom in Victorian London? Or on the action show set?

07.29.19 - 9:46 PM
written by Peter Triezenberg

Hello, dear readers, and welcome to the latest installment of Coming This Week! It's going to be a brief one this time around. There are only a couple items of note within our coverage this week, presumably because all of the RPGs wanted to get out of Fire Emblem's way. Considering that we've been in the process of rolling out a new website design (the times are a-changing and so is RPGFan), perhaps this is a blessing in disguise. In any case, without further ado...

London Detective Mysteria Screenshot

London Detective Mysteria - July 31st (Windows)

London Detective Mysteria is out for PC this week! In case you've missed our prior coverage of this title, this is a visual novel set against the backdrop of Victorian-era London, with a healthy selection of bishonen anime boys for players to get to know. This game comes to us courtesy of XSEED Games and was released a while back for the Vita. Be sure to read our review by the indelible Audra Bowling for more information!

Chroma Squad Screenshot: a Sentai formation.

Chroma Squad - August 1st (Switch)

Chroma Squad is an appropriately colorful adventure staring a group of Sentai (think Power Rangers) stunt actors who must face off against all manner of foes in SRPG fashion as they start their own studio! Fiction and reality collide as the game goes on...and there are even giant mecha battles. If you're looking for something humorous that doesn't take forever to play, we had a lot of fun playing this title for Retro Encounter a while back. Why not check it out?

...and that'll about do it! As always, check back with RPGFan for more news and coverage of the latest game releases. We'll see you next time!

Peter Triezenberg