Alana Hagues
Super Neptunia RPG Review
Are you brave enough to try this out?
07.16.19 - 5:24 PM

Get it? Because it's titled Brave Neptunia in Japan...?

Anyway, Super Neptunia RPG sees the ever popular Neptunia series go through lots of different changes. For one, it's a 2-dimensional Valkyrie Profile-esque RPG with platforming elements, but development has also been handled by a Canadian studio instead!

Super Neptunia RPG Battle Screenshot

Surely then this is the perfect game for Nathan Lee, as he's our resident Neptunia expert and a Canadian resident. Unfortunately, it looks like Super Neptunia RPG's many changes aren't all for the best. To find out more, check out Nathan Lee's review of Super Neptunia RPG right here!