Peter Triezenberg
Square Enix Releases New Artwork of Kingdom Hearts III's Keyblades
As impractical-yet-awesome as ever
01.09.19 - 9:52 PM

Kingdom Hearts III's January 29th release date is fast approaching. Square Enix has released official renders of the game's selection of Keyblades (or, at least, the ones from the worlds we know of so far). While we don't yet know the official names of these Keyblades, let's take a look at the new images down below.

Big Hero Six

The Keyblade representing Big Hero Six, this one looks like a combination of Baymax and Hiro's little fighting robot from the beginning of the movie. I dig it.

Kingdom Hearts III Big Hero Six Keyblade


This ornate, icy Keyblade looks like Elsa's castle from the movie Frozen. I like the little Olaf attached to the Keychain.

Kingdom Hearts III Frozen Keyblade


There have been a few Keyblades from Olympus Colisseum over the years, but this might be my favorite. I love how the image of Zeus and the lightning bolt serve as the Keyblade's teeth.

Kingdom Hearts III Hercules Keyblade

Kingdom Key

Sora's iconic Keyblade, this one needs no introduction. Still, it's nice to see!

Kingdom Hearts III Keyblade

Monsters Inc.

This one's just awesome. The two energy tanks on the grip, the robotic claw on the end, the little hard hat... this Keyblade perfectly represents Monsters Inc. It's even got a little Boo on the keychain!

Kingdom Hearts III Monsters Inc Keyblade

Pirates of the Caribbean

Aye, captain! This Keyblade befits a true pirate, with little cannons, sails, and wooden struts along the base, and a wheel serving as the teeth. The only thing missing are some sea turtles.

Kingdom Hearts III Pirates Keyblade

Shooting Star

Another returning Keyblade, this one has been wielded by both Mickey and Sora over the course of the series. Will we possibly receive it from Yen Sid?

Kingdom Hearts III Keyblade


Okay, I love how Rapunzel's tower serves as the centerpiece of this key, with her hair running down to the handle. It's a really nice touch.

Kingdom Hearts III Tangled Keyblade

Toy Story

This Keyblade perfectly showcases both protagonists of the Toy Story movies. The base is sci-fi themed and represents Buzz Lightyear, while the cactus and sheriff badge serve as the blade and represent Woody.

Kingdom Hearts III Toy Story Keyblade

Winnie the Pooh

Last, but not least, the Winnie the Pooh keyblade is very nostalgic and sweet-looking, what with all the honey.

Kingdom Hearts III Keyblade

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