Peter Triezenberg
Dragon Quest Producer Talks Possibility of Releasing Dragon Quest X Overseas
An offline version of the MMORPG may be a possibility.
10.11.18 - 1:00 PM

The Dragon Quest series has had its share of releases in the West, but none of them have reached the heights of popularity the series enjoys in its native Japan. During a recent broadcast, Dragon Quest executive producer Yu Miyake commented on this, and also expressed a desire to make an offline version of the MMORPG Dragon Quest X.

dragon quest x logo

According to Miyake, the 3DS Dragon Quest games "weren't very popular," stating that some players seemed to have "jumped from Dragon Quest VIII all the way to Dragon Quest XI." However, he still is interested in making an offline version of Dragon Quest X, as that game hasn't been released overseas yet and contains "plenty of rich stories" he would like to share with others. Seeing as Dragon Quest XI has been well-received by critics, hopefully this remains a possibility.

dragon quest x screenshot

We'll keep you posted on any further updates regarding Dragon Quest X.