Peter Triezenberg
Coming This Week, 10/8/18
Childe of Light to the dark tower came.
10.08.18 - 10:08 PM

Hello, dear readers, and welcome to the latest installment of Coming This Week, where we look at what's new in the wonderful world of RPGs. This week, I get to hopefully check an item off of my to-do list: The World Ends With You, a game I have always been curious about but never sat down and played, is getting a nifty Nintendo Switch port with a bunch of new features. But we can't let Neku's spiky hair overshadow everything else that releases this week; there are a few other games of note. Let's get into it.

Disgaea 1 Complete Screenshot

Disgaea 1 Complete - PS4, Switch (October 9th)

The original Disgaea has been ported to a whole bunch of different platforms in the past (including the original DS), but there's always room for more of NIS's particular brand of strategy RPG madness. Disgaea 1 Complete will be hitting PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch this Tuesday, offering the full Disgaea experience in high definition. There's even a fancy special edition, should that be appealing. Dood!

Chasm Screenshot

Chasm - Switch (October 11th)

Who doesn't like a good Metroidvania on the go? Chasm, a procedurally-generated homage to the Castlevanias and Metroids of yore, is hitting the Nintendo Switch this Thursday. It's great to see this title arrive on a new platform so soon after taking so many years to release. Check out Robert Fenner's review of the game to learn more.

Child of Light Screenshot

Child of Light - Switch (October 11th)

Back in the day, Ubisoft released an excellent little game called Child of Light, a side-scrolling RPG that took inspiration from such classics as Valkyrie Profile and Grandia to craft a short but sweet gaming experience. Now the Ultimate Edition is heading to the Nintendo Switch on Thursday, so you can take Aurora's fairy-tale adventure with you. There is even a tabletop mode where you can play with friends. We did a set of Retro Encounter episodes on Child of Light if you'd like to know more, so check those out! Or you can see our original review here.

The World Ends With You: Final Remix Screenshot

The World Ends With You: Final Remix - Switch (October 12th)

So, like I said, I haven't played The World Ends With You beyond a cursory attempt on the DS before being frightened away by the somewhat convoluted control scheme. I do recognize some of these characters from their Kingdom Hearts cameos, however! Still, the game has a beloved following, and it's uniquely suited to the Switch, which can utilize motion or touch controls depending on whether the system is docked. We'll keep you updated on this one in the near future, so stay tuned. In the meantime, feel free to read our review of the mobile version to learn more.

And that's a wrap for this week, folks! As always, check back with RPGFan for the best RPG coverage on the planet.