Peter Triezenberg
Skybound Games to Finish Telltale's The Walking Dead
An update on the ongoing closure of Telltale Games.
10.07.18 - 1:18 AM

Following the sudden closure of Telltale Games, which left hundreds of employees jobless and without severance pay, the fate of the company's popular video game series based on The Walking Dead was left unknown. However, it would appear that Clementine's story will get some kind of closure. During a recent panel at New York Comic-Con, Walking Dead series creator Robert Kirkman announced that Skybound Games would be stepping in to finish the series.

telltale's the walking dead series to be finished by skybound games

According to Kirkman, it is important to save the Walking Dead video game series because "we can't lose Rick and Clem in the same year" (referring to the departure of lead actor Andrew Lincoln from the Walking Dead television series). This ought to be somewhat amenable news to fans, as Skybound Games is an extension of Skybound Entertainment, who are the publishers of Kirkman's comics: it makes sense that they would be able to take up the mantle and bring the Walking Dead video game series to a close. According to Skybound, more details will follow "soon."

Telltale had originally been reported to be keeping a skeleton crew active to finish prior obligations, but the members of that crew have apparently also been let go. Whether or not Skybound will be picking up staff who worked at Telltale remains to be seen. Stay tuned to RPGFan for further information.