Gino DiGioia
Zanki Zero: Last Beginning Gets a New Japanese Demo
I feel like it might be a little late for this...
07.31.18 - 11:02 PM

You heard that right. Zanki Zero: Last Beginning has received a 2.9 (PS4)/1.32 (Vita) GB demo on the Japanese PlayStation Store. Available to anyone who owns a PS4 or Vita and has access to the Japanese store, the demo allows players to play up to midway through the game's second stage. Save data from this can be sent over to the main game.

Zanki Zero

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning will release in the west on PS4 and PC in Spring of 2019. The game is currently available in Japan for PS4 and PS Vita. Check out our gallery for the game, and stay tuned for more coverage.