Mike Salbato
Retro Encounter Final Thoughts ~ Lunar 2: Eternal Blue
Wiiiiiishing on a dream that - oh, sorry, that was the first game.
07.29.18 - 11:14 PM

This is where I'd usually write something witty and introduce you to the Final Thoughts of our Retro Encounter panelists who played Lunar 2: Eternal Blue, but I can't possibly out-freestyle our social media team, so in the somewhat-altered words of our dear Miss Sybydlo via the Twitters,

Our Lunar 2 Eternal Blue podcast Part 2 Final Thoughts! It's a bit of a grind to sit through, but the epilogue is pure and true, and the characters have their breakthrough, and a dancer who knows kung fu! A game need not be shiny and new, to love everything Lunar 2 do

Honestly, what more needs be said? Check out our Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Final Thoughts now, and be sure to catch up on both episodes of Retro Encounter: Part I and Part II!