Michael Sollosi
Retro Encounter 145: Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Part I
Why do I fall in love with every woman I see that shows me the least bit of attention?
07.19.18 - 11:29 PM

Part 3 of Lunar month continues with part 1 of our Lunar 2: Eternal Blue podcast! We expound on the fabulous Sega CD sequel, with discussion topics including Lucia's fashion choices, Ronfar and Jean divulging their secret pasts within moments of meeting either of them, and the indeterminate identity of the masked Mystere. Also, please send us emails for the upcoming episode 150 mailbag!

Join us in our continued adventures on the magical moon of Lunar!

Featuring: Michael Sollosi, Scott Clay, Robert Fenner, Chris Gebauer, Leona McCallum

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