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New Details on S-Crafts and Character Profiles for Trails of Cold Steel IV
I hope you like iron in your bloodstream.
07.26.18 - 7:33 PM

Oh boy. We have some fun stuff for you today. Last week we talked about the golden age of Trails heroes coming back, but today we have something else for you: S-Crafts. Also, we have profiles on three characters who like the words "iron" and "blood" a lot. The good news this time around is that the profiles aren't that spoiler-y... as long as you played up to Cold Steel II. And I'm assuming you did, so it's no skin off my back.

New Class VII S-Crafts

So, the S-Crafts we are talking about belong to the new Class VII. In other words, they belong to Juna, Kurt, Altina, Musee, and Ash. Many thanks to 4Gamer for the descriptions and Siliconera for the translations.

Juna Crawford: Valiant Charge


Juna shoots out balls of electricity from her gunbreaker weapons and then rushes in for a final blow.

Kurt Vander: Ultimate Soulseeker


Kurt engulfs himself in a powerful aura, which he uses to strike once with the Vander School's ultimate technique and cause an explosion.

Altina Orion: Solaris Bringer

CSIV Altina xxx

Altina splits Claiomh Solais into two giant swords and slices through the enemy multiple times.

Musee Egret: Lord Galaxia

CSIV Musee CSIV Musee

Musee enchants her orbal carbine to create replicas that shower the battlefield in an endless stream of gunfire.

Ash Crawford: Guilty Carnival


Ash hits the enemy into the air, performs a series of slashes, and hits the enemy back to the ground. He then throws magic-infused darts to end it.


Here we go. If you haven't got the hints up to this point, we are talking about the Ironbloods, specifically Osborne, Lechter, and Claire. As always, there are some light spoilers for Cold Steel III.

Lechter Arundel

CSIV Lechter

Lechter is the head of the Erebonian intelligence Division and an Ironblood. Despite looking easygoing, he is actually quite capable at his job, being able to solve the incidents in Crossbell and Erebonia with the aid of others. In Cold Steel II, he acted as the middleman between Rean and the government as Rean acted as the Ashen Chevalier, though now he stands before us as the Ironblood he is.

Claire Rieveldt

CSIV Claire

Claire is the head of the Railway Military Police and an Ironblood. While the Ironbloods usually are wary of Class VII, Claire made an effort to work alongside them in the Erebonian Civil War and became close to them as a result. However, being an Ironblood comes before her personal feelings and even feels sadness due to what those duties were.

Giliath Osborne

CSIV Osborne

Oh boy, here we really go. Osborne is the Imperial Chancellor of Erebonia who leads both the Ironbloods and most of the Imperial Government. Despite being shot and seemingly killed in Cold Steel 1, he survived and lived as the Chancellor for the next two years. His manipulation and planning ability is far greater than any other figure in Cold Steel III. His end goal is unknown as is his feelings towards his son, Rean.

While we're at it, let's talk Keywords too...

Ironbloods: A group of young minds gathered and led by Giliath Osborne. The name was given due to Osborne's nickname as "The Blood and Iron Chancellor." While most of them seem aloof, they are all extremely skilled in both combat and intellect; so much so that even members of Ouroboros are outwitted by them. The current members are Lechter Arundel, Claire Rieveldt, Millium Orion, and Rufus Albarea.

CSIV Osborne

The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki (Trails of Cold Steel) IV ~The End of Saga~ will release in Japan this Fall for PS4. There has been no word yet on a western release on it or its prequel. Check our gallery for new screenshots, but please be careful with these because they contain spoilers.