Peter Triezenberg
Enjoy The Latest Screenshots and Details for God Eater 3
Ye shall dine on gods.
07.21.18 - 7:10 PM

God Eater 3 will soon be making an appearance on PS4 and Steam, and Bandai Namco has released some new details and media for the game in the interim. This time, we are being introduced to Zeke Pennywort (not to be confused with Batman's butler), and the vicious Aragami known as Barbarius.

zeke pennywort god eater 3

god eater 3 aragami barbarius

Zeke, pictured above, endured a rough childhood, and as a result has defiant tendencies. Still, beneath it all he is a caring and loyal person. He has two younger brothers, one of whom he was separated from: he currently resides in Pennywort with his youngest brother.

The creature you can see above is the Barbarius, an Aragami with silvery, ashen armor and a deadly drill it can use to attack enemy blind spots, or generate a block of ice by drilling into the ground. Bandai Namco promises that other Aragami from previous games in the series will make appearances, and be more powerful than ever.

god eater 3 old aragami

Of course, there will be innumerable options on hand for players to customize their characters in God Eater 3, including the "Burst Plugin." This allows players to customize their God Arcs' weapon, gun, or shield, imbuing them with new abilities unique to each God Arc part (like preserving stamina or boosting melee damage). Players can also use the Abandoned God Arc to install Skills and improve the basic performance of their God Arc.

Bandai Namco has implemented a number of enhancements to the core gameplay of God Eater 3 since it was last showcased, and there's a lot of new gameplay footage to show for it: check that out below.

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