Peter Triezenberg
Take On the Deadly Rathalos in New Final Fantasy XIV/Monster Hunter: World Crossover Event
It came from the sky!
07.18.18 - 9:06 PM

A new piece of crossover content between Final Fantasy XIV and Capcom's critically acclaimed Monster Hunter: World will arrive on August 7th. Starting in Patch 4.36, players will be able to battle the ferocious and deadly Rathalos monster, teaming up with other players to fell the beast in the new "Great Hunt" trial. Check out a new trailer for the event below!

The Rathalos trial will be available in Normal and Extreme variants: teams of eight players will work together to fell the Rathalos on Normal, while on Extreme difficulty, teams of four will utilize unique mechanics that pay tribute to Monster Hunter: World. There are some other thematically appropriate additions: new minions based on the Poogle and Paliko creatures (my heart... I can't...), a BBQ Spit furnishing, and even an epic-looking Rathalos Mount.

monster hunter world final fantasy xiv rathalos crossover capcom square enix

monster hunter world rathalos final fantasy xiv mount

The latest Letter from the Producer LIVE event for Final Fantasy XIV offered some additional details on the upcoming Patch 4.4. Fans can look forward to new main scenario quests, new sidequests, new dungeons (The Burn and a hard version of Saint Mocianne's Arboretum), a new Trial (Suzaku), a new Raid (Omega: Alphascape), and much, much more. Check out our updated gallery for more new screenshots, and stay tuned to RPGFan for more info.