Peter Triezenberg
Crowdfunded RPG Edge of Eternity Gets New Details and Media
This one's looking rather promising!
07.15.18 - 5:14 PM

Hey, remember Edge of Eternity? It's been a while since we heard anything about this Kickstarter-funded RPG from developer Midgar Studio and publisher Playdius. They've been hard at work on the project and have shared some new information about it via Steam, including a look at their spiffy new logo.

edge of eternity logo

The Crystals are Home to the Gods
The Sanctorium is Home to the Crystals
As you walk the threshold, bow down
For who is without reverence
Deserves no Shelter

In the world of Edge of Eternity, Heryon, the concept of "home" is sacred, serving as both a dwelling and a place of spiritual significance that mirrors how the Crystals are dwellings of the gods. Not having a home is considered a reprehensible offense, as a result, and the homeless are often mistreated, stigmatized, and preyed upon by more fortunate citizens.

edge of eternity home

Combat in Edge of Eternity will be turn-based, and uses a system called the Nexus Grid, which sort of resembles the combat systems of the later Wild Arms games. Each hexagon on the Nexus Grid can contain a group of enemies, a playable character, environmental hazards, or beneficial bonuses, and players will use their characters' unique skills to navigate and exploit this combat system.

edge of eternity nexus grid

edge of eternity combat

Oh, and it wouldn't be a throwback JRPG without a cuddly mascot character! Meet the Pilitch, the music-loving, egg-laying cousins to Zelda's Cuckoos. Apparently, these fluffy critters respond well to tragic songs about loss and impossible love.

edge of eternity chocobo

Check out our gallery for more screenshots, and stay tuned to RPGFan for more details on Edge of Eternity!