Gino DiGioia
Disgaea 1 Complete Brings Out the Angels of Celestia in a New Trailer
NISA wants us to Flonne-t this trailer.
07.05.18 - 6:34 PM

I'm not apologizing. NIS America has released the newest trailer for their remaster of the first Disgaea game at Anime Expo 2018. Let's be honest, Disgaea 1 wouldn't be complete without the angels and their ditzy angel trainee Flonne joining the fray.

NISA also gave us a description to go with it:

No Disgaea is complete (see what I did there, dood?) without Flonne, the ditzy angel trainee! Flonne, whose mission was to assassinate the (already dead) King Krichevskoy, tags along with the Netherworld's prince and his devious vassal Etna to embark on a zany journey of disloyal demons, horse wieners, love (?!) and punching-bag Prinnies!

Yes, I stole the first line for myself. What, it's not my fault it was a good line! Disgaea 1 Complete will release for PS4 and Switch on October 9th in North America, October 12th in Europe, and July 26th in Japan. Check out our gallery too, dood.