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Enjoy New Screenshots from FuRyu's Crystar in Our Updated Gallery
In other news, FuRyu is teporarilly suspending their videogame business. Read on for details.
07.01.18 - 10:20 PM

FuRyu has released some initial details and new media for their upcoming PlayStation 4 RPG, Crystar. From the game's official website, we have a bevy of new information about the game's plot and core mechanics. You can also find a smorgasbord of new screenshots in our gallery.

crystar jrpg furyu

Rei, a girl who got lost in the world of life after death that is limbo, and her younger sister Mirai.

The sisters, who while confused are trying to return to their original world, are attacked by an unknown creature.

In order to protect Mirai, a superpower awakens within Rei. However, unable to control her power, Rei herself ends up killing Mirai.

The devil whispers to the despairing Rei. "If you reap the souls of the dead that drift about a different world, and sacrifice the tears you shed through that suffering, I can 'revive' the dead Mirai."

Rei, who makes a deal with the devil for the sake of her sister, will take the stage in a battle that puts her own life at risk.

In Crystar, protagonist Rei travels to the realm of Limbo, fighting the souls that dwell their in a devil's bargain to resurrect her dead sister. In accordance with the game's title, crying will make Rei stronger: by defeating specific foes, "Danmatsuma Thoughts" will materialize, and crying to purify these thoughts will "develop the protagonist mentally." In addition, Rei will be able to obtain "Shisou," a kind of Mental Armor.

Rei can also summon Guardians to her aid. These Guardians embody specific characters' ideologies and have unique techniques, and can be freely customized with automatic countering and guarding. Including Rei, Crystar will have four playable characters the player can switch between. According to FuRyu, even a novice action game player can get in on the action.

Pre-ordering Crystar will net players a product code to download the One Piece (Opening Ver.) in-game costume, as well as a soundtrack CD and a replica original film sheet from the game's opening. The game is currently set for release in Japan on October 18th, for 7,980 yen, with no Western release date confirmed at this time.

crystar jrpg furyu

Now, on to the more unfortunate news: FuRyu will be temporarily suspending its videogame business. As you may well know, outside of Crystar, FuRyu has recently been responsible for a number of JRPGs, including The Caligula Effect, The Legend of Legacy, and most recently The Alliance Alive. According to the company, this will not affect the titles they have already invested in, such as Crystar: however, the company's growth has been sluggish with FuRYu "struggling to recover" from its mixed media engagements.

FuRyu's CEO, Takashi Mishima, had this to say on the subject: "Investment in game development will be temporarily suspended, and we will maximize our focus on the monetization of the titles that we have already invested in. We have also already invested in anime for our mixed media developments, and we plan to maximize revenue in the synergy between our anime and games this fiscal year. Additionally, we will revise advertising expenses and the like for our games business."

Update: FuRyu recently clarified that the company would only be halting the development of smartphone titles, not console games: this was a "misunderstanding". The company will continue to plan and develop console games as usual, including after the fiscal year of March 2019.

furyu shut down suspending video games business

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