Gino DiGioia
Ys VIII for Switch Gets a Patch Schedule
Also, some PC patch news too.
06.30.18 - 10:06 PM

Poor NISA, they can't catch a break with Ys VIII. We talked at length about Ys VIII and its localization issues, but with the release of the recent Switch port, the discussion has started all over again. A few days before the Switch release, NISA announced a schedule outlining the first few updates the game will receive.

Update 1.01: Currently Released.

  • Adjustments to Nintendo Switch auto-sleep function

  • Fixes incorrect icons displaying

  • Text Refinements

Update 1.02: Currently Released.

  • Addressing Crash Issues

  • Addressing Aesthetic Issues

  • Text Refinements

Update 1.03: Slated for next week.

  • Text Refinements

  • AOC Connectivity

  • Addressing DLC issues

Update 1.04: Slated for Mid-July.

  • Japanese Voice Implementation

  • Minor Text Refinement

  • Aesthetic Refinements during Cutscenes

With extra details on Patch 1.03, according to USGamer, a free DLC for Ys VIII was pulled from the Nintendo Switch store as the game had issues reading the DLC for some players. NISA commented that the DLC and the fixes for this issue will be released with patch 1.03 a week after the game released.


In other news, the final patch for the PC port released recently. Here are the Patch Notes:

  • Fixes for the following problems:

  • Slowdowns caused by blur effects

  • Fast Forwarding during cutscenes/event scenes should be smoother

  • Map Shadows

  • Also, additional stability improvements

  • Additional performance improvements in various areas

  • Additional text bug fixes

Considering that recent reviews and public reception of Ys VIII on PC has been positive, hopefully this will be the end of the game's problems.


Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana is currently available on PS4, PSVita, PC, and Switch. Check out our gallery and our recently released review of the Nintendo Switch version.