Peter Triezenberg
Patch #4 For Steam Version of Chrono Trigger Available Now
See what's new in this ever-improving port.
06.29.18 - 12:43 AM

It's that time again: Square Enix has released a new update for the Steam version of Chrono Trigger. Initially maligned for its poor quality, the company has made due on its promise to rectify many of the ports issues, and this latest patch includes a number of fixes to the game's UI, among other things.

chrono trigger pc update 4

First off, the user interface for both the title screen and menu screen has been changed to make it more comfortable with either keyboard or gamepad. By going into "settings" from the menu, you can now select either "gamepad/keyboard" or "touch panel/mouse" as your primary method of interface. The "Movement" setting has, as a result, been removed. With these revisions, the UI updates originally promised back in patch #2 have been completed, although Square Enix promises that further tweaks and balances will be made as needed. A small number of bugs have also been fixed in patch #4.

chrono trigger pc

chrono trigger pc patch notes bug fix

It's not all good news, however. The option to rebind keys has unfortunately been pushed back to the upcoming fifth update set for July. Square Enix apologizes for any inconvenience, explaining that the number of minigames in Chrono Trigger reliant on player input based on the names of buttons require a bit more time to function with key binding.

We'll keep you posted on future updates for the Steam Version of Chrono Trigger, so check back with RPGFan when patch #5 drops.