Peter Triezenberg
Varnir of the Dragon Star Grand Dragon Details and Falcom Trails Series Collaboration
Dragons from two corners of the gaming universe.
06.26.18 - 1:48 PM

Compile Heart has announced new details for the upcoming Varnir of the Dragon Star: Ecdysis of the Dragon, including the "Grand Dragons" and a collaboration with Falcom's Trails series.

varnir of the dragon star grand dragon

Shown above is one of the Grand Dragons players will encounter on their journey. Grand Dragons are large, formidable dragons that possess astronomical strength and powerful abilities, making for a tough foe to prevail over.

varnir trails in the sky ragnard

varnir falcom collaboration

varnir dragons trails dragon

The Trails collaboration will feature Ragnard from Trails in the Sky and Zoro-Agruga from Trails of Cold Steel. The latter is shown in both his original and reanimated forms.

Varnir of the Dragon Star: Ecdysis of the Dragon is due for release on October 11th in Japan for PlayStation 4. No word on a western release as of now.