Peter Triezenberg
Enjoy A Massive Gallery Update for Nelke and the Legendary Alchemists
Catching up on other E3-adjacent news: an Atelier spin-off was announced!
06.26.18 - 12:15 AM

While we were all busy gushing over the slate of exciting new games from E3 2018, Gust was keeping busy by announcing a new spinoff title in the Atelier series. Entitled Nelke and the Legendary Alchemists, this new title will feature characters from across the Atelier series, with a new emphasis on town building. So it's... basically Dragon Quest Builders, but Atelier? I can get behind that.

nelke alchemists legendary gust atelier

The protagonist is one Nelke von Luchetam, the daughter of nobles who has... no talent for alchemy? Blasphemy! As a nobleman's daughter, she is tasked with rebuilding a frontier town, encountering past Atelier characters along the way. So far, the confirmed roster of familiar faces includes Marie, Meruru, Ayesha, Sophie, Veola, Klein, and Vayne, although others such as Rorona have been teased in Dengeki and Famitsu.

atelier nelke and the legendary alchemists

gust nelke town building dragon quest builders

According to Gust, Nelke and the Legendary Alchemists will retain exploration and battle elements, so fear not: it's not all town-building. Nor will the series' trademark alchemy be forgotten: the atelier you build will simply belong to Marie instead.

Check out our freshly updated gallery for a smorgasbord of new screenshots, and stay tuned for more Atelier news from RPGFan!