Gino DiGioia
Super Neptunia RPG Shows Off Two New Characters
Just two characters, more of an update if anything.
06.22.18 - 10:24 PM

Compile Heart has compiled some new info and released it on their Japanese website for Super Neptunia RPG. They put a lot of heart into them. Anyways, let's look into these new characters.


SNeptunia Chrom

A young woman that is being pursued by Bombyx Mori, she holds the text Historie. Not much of a talker, she runs into Neptune one day and hands her Historie and some advice.


S Neptunia Firin

The small master of Bombyx Mori. Her love of 2D games rules over this world and she has planted the idea that 3D games are evil to the people of the world. She has special feelings for Chrom and uses her resources to chase her mindlessly.

Super Neptunia RPG will release for PS4 on September 27th in Japan. It is also slated for a western release on PS4 and Switch this fall. Check out our gallery while you wait.