Alana Hagues
E3 2018: Dying Light 2 Preview
What would you choose to do in a zombie apocalypse?
06.19.18 - 5:04 PM

Welcome to the "Modern Dark Age," a European city laid to waste and infested with the undead. This is fifteen years after a zombie apocalypse, and all you have are your wits and your survivor's instinct. What will you choose to do, and who will you decide to side with in Dying Light 2?

Techland's first attempt at a parkour, open-world survival game was fairly successful, but with their second attempt they wanted to go bigger and better in every aspect. And it looks gorgeous.

Dying Light 2 Screenshot Dying Light 2 Screenshot

The big focus of Techland's E3 2018 presentation was choice, and every decision you make has a big impact on the world. Trent Argirov has spent hours with the first game, and wanted to see just how much more RPG this entry is shaping up to be, and it looks like a hell of a lot more. Check out Trent's Dying Light 2 preview to see what horrors await us in the "Modern Dark Age."