Gino DiGioia
Coming This Week, 06/18/2018
I'm still reeling from E3, so nothing wacky here.
06.18.18 - 5:00 PM

'Sup, RPGFanners. E3 has ended, and man, do we have a lot of new games coming after that. As usual though, most of those games are releasing next year. Or within the next three years for Square Enix: I think even Tetsuya Nomura would agree with me on that one. Anyways, we don't need to worry about the future, just this week: so let's get to it.

Anima: Gate of Memories - The Nameless Chronicles - Switch (June 19th)

Oh, look. Another game I haven't heard of. Let's fix that. Let's see, third person action RPG where you play as an immortal trying to save existence itself... that's good. It's based off a tabletop RPG made by a Japanese company. And it's a sequel of a 2016 game that got OK review scores... oh, we reviewed the first game too. Cool. Well, the game looks fun. It comes out on Switch this Tuesday and on PC sometime this month.

Anima 2

The Lost Child - Switch, PS4, PSVita (June 19th)

The Lost Child looks like to be going for a classic Shin Megami Tensei vibe with demons to recruit, and takes place in a war between heaven and hell. The battle system looks similar too, being a turn-based system that is also first person. Also, the pink haired heroine reminds me of Nine the Phantom from Blazblue. That has nothing to with anything, just that I am craving more Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle. Anyways, check out our gallery.

The Lost Child

Well, that's it. Not a lot, but that's all of the RPGs coming out this week. Come back next week when we'll see how Ys VIII fares on yet another platform, when it lands on Switch. But considering that Mario Tennis Aces comes out on Friday... you will probably just be playing that. As always, come back to RPGFan for the greatest of RPG coverage.